BUILD SMART Error free construction "build it right the first time" Request Proposal Build Lean Optimize construction "reduce errors waste & time" Request Proposal CASE STUDY: Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing ​ Architect: BIAD UFo (Beijing Institute of Architecture Design, Un-Forbidden office)​ Integrated Delivery Integrate "People, Project & Process" Request Proposal Case Study: Walt Disney Concert Hall Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP Building Life-Cycle Manage building information for the life cycle Request Proposal Management CASE STUDY: Petersen Automotive Museum​ Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox​ Virtual Build Optimize construction "reduce errors waste & time" Request Proposal CASE STUDY: Louis Vuitton Foundation Architect: Gehry Partners, LLP

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Speeding construction efficiently

PHI Cubed (Φ3) represents the concept of manifestation. Where ideas in the PHI squared 2) state are trans-mutated into 3rd dimension or given form. The notion of managing information in an integrated way (Φ) from inception to manifested reality for the life-cycle (Φ3). Are the aspirations of PHI Cubed, and are embodied in our corporate symbol.

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From content creation to clash detection to BIM Hosting, we have the services you need to meet your projects goals.

BIM Software

Your access point to integrated design, engineering, construction, fabrication, and simulation tools via 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

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BIM productivity tools that allow you to navigate your BIM world in 3D, and experience models in the most immersive way possible.

BIM Hardware

Certified BIM workstations, laptops, desktops, virtual machines. BIM cloud infrastructure, public, private, or on-premise cloud.

PHI Cubed, Inc. Solving Interoperability through Practice, Process and Technology

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We take care of our client’s needs first, we analyze and create models that save time, money and materials.

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