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CadMouse Pad Compact


Desktop surfaces are not optimized for mouse sensor performance. In addition to its tactile advantages, the low friction surface of the CadMouse Pad enhances its tracking qualities whether you work with the laser sensor of the CadMouse or the optical sensor of the CadMouse Wireless. This ensures accurate sensor imagery for an exact translation of your hand movements into cursor movements.

Main Features

Optimized surface coating
Micro-textured finish
Non-slip silicone base
2 year warranty

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While working in CAD or BIM applications, your daily mouse movements sum up to kilometres. The high-quality micro-textured coating of the CadMouse Pad offers effortless precision for your engineering tasks. In combination with the PTFE feet of the CadMouse, the CadMouse Pad allows smooth, accurate control of your mouse, thus of your drawing or model




Additional information

Weight 0.264375 lbs
Dimensions 9.84 × 9.84 × .2 in


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