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CadMouse Pro


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CadMouse Pro – Purpose-built for Professionals

CadMouse Pro is the industry-acclaimed purpose-built mouse specifically suited for design and engineering professionals. Designed for a supremely comfortable use over long working sessions, the full-size wired mouse also demonstrates 3Dconnexion’s exceptional precision technology and silent operation. CadMouse Pro is the ultimate mainstay of any modern CAD toolkit. Renowned for having originated the formula for optimal performance and comfort, the CadMouse family is continually enhanced with research-based ergonomic refinements.

Superior Ergonomics With its dedication to ensuring comfortable and healthy usability, CadMouse Pro enjoys the innovative ergonomics that define the CadMouse line.

CadMouse Pro is the accomplishment of a button design breakthrough for ultimate precision. The design, comprised of distinct, specially contoured and positioned buttons with a hinge construction, increases both the precision and responsiveness of the click, adding a more controlled mouse feedback. With 3Dconnexion’s commitment to ensuring comfortable and healthy usability, the wired mouse enjoys the very best ergonomic design, combining sleek aesthetics, efficiency, and silent operation. It features a sinuous shape for a more natural hand posture and an incurvated thumb rest allowing a completely natural feel while gripping the
body of the mouse.


A dedicated middle button is created explicitly to minimize the strain of repetitive clicks and movements. In a standard two-button mouse, a typical wheel click requires on average between 200gf and 300gf, which causes strain from repetitive movements. 3Dconnexion’s technological breakthrough has allowed the CadMouse line to
reduce the required pressure up to four times less, thanks to reduced actuation force. This provides a more delicate, precise click requiring less force than scroll wheel clicks on traditional mice. Together, these features create an experience that greatly reduces the muscle and tendon discomfort frequently encountered during long working sessions.

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 6 × 3.4 in


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