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Complete Wireless Freedom
No more cords. No more constraints. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless provides a real-time connection to your 3D content with 3Dconnexion 2.4 GHz wireless technology.  Just pop the USB receiver in your PC or Mac, and enjoy the reliability of a wired device coupled with the satisfaction of a cord free desktop. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless will operate for two months between charges. When it does need juice, just connect the USB cable and continue working.
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Fast And Efficient 3D Modeling

Complete Wireless Freedom

Improve your productivity, navigation and handling of your BIM while modeling on your favorite BIM application. We are pleased to announce that SpaceMouse Pro supports BIM model navigation on CATIA|3DEXPERIENCE platform. With 4 of your programmable application commands at your fingertips. SpaceMouse Pro’s On-Screen Display provides a convenient on-screen reminder of the commands assigned to its Intelligent Function Keys, allowing you to focus on your designs. SpaceMouse Pro Wireless’s Intelligent Function Keys automatically update as you change applications or environments, which also work in non-3D applications.

Gain efficacy through keyboard Modifiers

SpaceMouse Pro Keyboard Modifiers provide easy access to Control, Shift, Alt, Esc functions, saving you time by reducing the need to move your hand to the keyboard.

As you work across various BIM & CAD applications Your SpaceMouse Pro Wireless’s will continue to deliver exceptional navigation, and productivity gains across applications. Your SpaceMouse, works across popular BIM Applications such as Revit®,SketchUP®,ArchiCAD®, Rhinoceros®, Vectorworks®, BricsCAD®, Renga®,and CAD applications such as AutoCAD®.

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